The Scottish Renal Registry


The Scottish Renal Registry (SRR) is a national registry of patients receiving renal replacement therapy for established renal failure in Scotland. The SRR reports epidemiology, and audits against recommend standards of care, promoting excellence in renal care in Scotland. All NHS Renal Units contribute fully.

We compile reports for:
     quality improvement including audit & peer review
     research including basic demography & epidemiology
     service planning

The SRR is part of the Scottish Renal Association.

Scottish Renal Registry Report 2015

Published 11th Oct 2016
Demographic data to 2015 and audit data to 2016

report 2015

Trends in survival of patients starting RRT 2006-2015

Survival RRT


Percentage of patients receiving RRT on 31 December from 1991-2015 by type of treatment and age group.

Prevalent patients every year between 1960-2014